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LLC “Apukinskoe”

LLC “Apukinskoe” has been working since 2004.

At the moment the enterprise has:

  • 9 marine fishing areas in the Olyutorsky Bay on the eastern coast of Kamchatka
  • 1 river fishing site on the river Apuka

Fish “is the exclusive distributor of fish products produced by Apukinskoe.

Fishery artel “Penzhinskaya”

Fishery artel “Penzhinskaya” was founded on March 21, 2001. The artel is engaged in activities related to the fishing of fish and aquatic biological resources in open areas of the World Ocean and inland waters.

Vessels that take raw materials of RA “Penzhinskaya” and LLC “Apukinskoye” and process it on the ship:

  • BRTT “Irtysh”
  • BMRT “27th Congress of the CPSU”
  • BMRT “Minister Ishkov”
  • BMRT “Matvey Kuzmin”
  • BMRT “V.Babich”
  • “Izumrud”